I have been extremely fortunate to work with a number of wonderful collaborators in a variety of academic, policy, and clinical settings. Some of these include:

Dr Catherine Aiken at the University of Cambridge
Dr James Scott at the University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Rebecca Gomperts at Women on Web
Dr Jenny Higgins at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Professor James Trussell at Princeton University
Dr Patricia Lohr at The British Pregnancy Advisory Service
My colleagues at the Texas Policy Evaluation Project

Organizations and Resources

The following organizations provide current, accurate, and excellent information and resources on various facets of reproductive health:

Research, Policy Analysis, and Advocacy
The Guttmacher Institute
The Center for Reproductive Rights
International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion

Resources and Education
Women on Web
Women on Waves
Plan C Pills
Jane’s Due Process
The Emergency Contraception Website
Contraceptive Technology
The British Pregnancy Advisory Service